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Rescue Me Project Ministries, Inc. (RMPM) is a 501 (c) 3 organization with a mission to close the opportunity gap for individuals eager to participate in the digital world and demanding force of society. In pursuit of this mission, RMPM, Inc. will provide affordable access to computers, job ready computer training, life & entrepreneurial skills, and support groups for formerly incarcerated, unemployed and low income individuals of Leon and surrounding counties.



RMPM, Inc. aims to show formerly incarcerated, unemployed, and under-served individuals of Leon and surrounding counties the possibilities that lie ahead by helping them create a clear career path, and tangible steps to advance.


To help formerly incarcerated individuals transition back into society by providing them with computer literacy skills that enable them to apply for jobs online, search for jobs online, and advance their education thru online certification programs.  


















Man Typing on a Laptop
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