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A Message From The Founder


Recognize the barriers; remove the barriers, and provide access.


My passion began with the broad idea of using the prosperity I had been blessed with to aid those less fortunate than myself. However, I soon saw the need for a more focused approach in this type of work. With an endless number of compelling social issues, and without a concentrated effort, my impact would be diluted. I needed a clear focus in order to get the most out of this vision.


RMPM was established in 2014 and re-launched in 2015 with a stronger passion to help formerly incarcerated adults who were just released into our community. We work to train under-served populations of workers, and potential business owners who may not have traditional backgrounds or degrees.


If you are from a disadvantaged neighborhood, however you want to define that, the norms for corporate America are foreign to you and this is one of the main reasons people work in low-wage jobs or commit crimes. Lack of knowledge, lack of skills, lack of confidence, and lack of access will most likely lead to a life of poverty.


Studies show that skill deficits in written and verbal communication, poor problem-solving ability, and lack of occupational training or experience make it difficult for low-wage workers, especially those without college degrees, to secure a higher-paying job that offers advancement opportunities.


Millions of adults lack the level of education and training needed to get jobs that pay well, provide benefits, and offer opportunities for advancement. Research shows that people with post-secondary education earn more over their lifetimes and have lower-than-average unemployment rates. 


Increasingly, more states and localities are implementing career pathways programs to help adults navigate a path to jobs that pay well in their communities. Professional Development programs aim to improve the knowledge and earnings of under-served adults by providing steps tailored to the local job market, business market, and financial market accompanied by guidance and support.


Rescue Me Project Ministries, Inc. focuses on promising approaches to basic skills instruction and knowledge that will lean towards a successful career and financial freedom. But we cannot do this alone. We are constantly on the search to partner with other organizations because we understand that our plight can only be effective and successful with the communities support. I am grateful for all whom have supported me on this journey.

Together, we can make a greater impact than if we stand alone."

- Ping & Amy Chao


Kizzy Rivers

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